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How to obtain IP address of R2X

For devices with single button - E21/ R20/ R23/ R26:

While E21/ R20/ R23/ R26 power up normally, hold the call button for 5 seconds after the statue LED turns blue and it will enter IP announcement mode. In announcement mode, the IP address will be announced periodically. Press call button again to quit the announcement mode.

For devices with multiple numeric keyboard - R27:

While R27 power up normally, press “*2396#” to enter administrator interface and press “1” to enter system Information interface to check the IP address.

For devices with touch screen - R29:

While R29 power up normally, in the dial interface, press “9999„, “Dial key”, „3888” and “OK” to enter the system setting interface. Go to info interface to check the IP address.

Access the system settingAccess the system settingInfo interface