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How to do factory reset in R2X

Users have two options for how to make a factory reset for R2X.

Reset to default state means all of the intercom parameters will be back to default state. Recommend users copy the intercom parameters to another storage for later use.


Software reset:

Go to Upgrade - Basic - Reset To Factory Setting and click “Submit” to do reset.


HW reset:

1. Take R2X apart.

2. Power R2X on.

3. Press the RESET button (The button named “SW3”).

4. Release the RESET button until hearing “di” sound.

5. Power R2X off and power it on again.

RESET button:


E21 RESET button

R20/ R23/ R26/ R27/ R29 do not support this hardware reset method.

Key for factory upgrade:

R23/ R26:

R23 R26 RESET button

R27 RESET button

R29 RESET button