How to configure TR069 in R27

TR-069 (Technical Report 069) is the document number of the technical report, defined by the Broadband Forum, that specifies the “CPE WAN management protocol” or CWMP. It defines an application layer protocol for remote management of end-user devices. As a bidirectional SOAP/HTTP-based protocol, it provides the communication between Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) and Auto-Configuration Servers (ACS). It includes both a safe auto configuration and the control of other CPE management functions within an integrated framework.

For R27, the administrators can manage all the devices on a common TR-069 Platform. R27 can be easily and securely configured on the TR-069 platform to make mass deployment more efficiency.


TR-069 Process

The following is an example to explain the session between CPE and ACS.


Configuration of TR069 features in R27

Go to Network-Advanced to configure directly.
   1. Enable TR069 feature from the pull-down list.

2. Enter the URL of the ACS, user name and password in the ACS URL field.

3. Enable the Periodic Inform from the pull-down list.

4. Enter the desired Periodic Inform Interval time.

5. Enter the user name and password authenticated by the R27 in the Connection Request Username and Connection Request Password fields.

6. Click Submit to save the change.
Enable TR069: Turn TR069 management on and off.

Version: To select supported TR069 version(version 1.0 or 1.1).

ACS URL: URL of the TR069 ACS. This is the URL where R27 will send TR069 messages to. Please contact ACS vendor to find out about this URL.

ACS Username: Username for HTTP authentication against the ACS.

ACS Password: Password for HTTP authentication against the ACS

Enable Periodic Inform: Turn TR069 Periodic Inform on and off.

CPE URL: URL of R27. This is the URL the TR069 ACS will manage.

CPE User name: Username to authenticate incoming connection requests.

CPE Password: Password to authenticate incoming connection requests.

Configure TR069 via AutoP, users can refer to manuals auto_provisioning_flow and auto_provisioning_parameters.

Common Terms for TR069:

XML: The Extensible Markup Language.

SOAP: The “Simple Object Access Protocol”; an XML based specification for performing application function calls between web app components.

CPE: Customer premises equipment, or the device that is being managed; may include Integrated Gateways (IGD), Set-top-boxes (STB), Network Attached Storage (NAS), etc.

ACS: Auto-Configuration Server, performs the management of the CPE. Generally, operated by an ISP and plugs into their Operational or Billing Support Systems (OSS/BSS).

Data Model: A set of objects defined for the management of a particular kind of CPE, usually defined in a companion Technical Report by the Broadband Forum.