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How to configure Qos in r27

QoS (Quality of Service): is a security mechanism of the network and is a technology used to solve problems such as network delay and congestion. Qos Configuration
1.Go to the web GUI of the R27 and enter the login and password (by default they are admin and admin).
2.Go to Network – Advanced–Qos to configure. Note: In RFC2474, the TOS field of IPv4 is redefined, the first six bits represent DSCP, and the lower 2 bits are reserved.Several DSCP values recommended by Cisco:
Routing protocol CS6
Interactive voice EF
Interactive video AF41
Streaming video CS4
Telephone signaling AF31 or CS3
Network management CS2
Bulk data AF11
Best effort 0
When our phone is by default, it should be reasonable to use AF31 or CS3.