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How to configure motion alarm in R2X

R2X will send notifications, snapshots via email/ftp transfer method, sip calls when there is motion detect or trigger action URL. This could be used to remind user when there is someone outside the house.

Go to Intercom - Motion to configure detection related parameters.

Motion Detection: To enable or disable motion detection.

Motion Delay: To configure minium time gap between two snapshots.

Motion detction
Motion Detect Time Setting: To make motion detect time for a whole week.
Motion detction
Action to execute: To choose which action to execute after triggering.

Http URL: To configure URL, if HTTP action is chosen.

SDMC Upload: Upload the capture snapshots to the SDMC.

Motion detction
Go to Intercom - Action to setup action receiver.
Email Notification

Sender’s email address: To configure email address of sender.

Receiver’s email address: To configure email address of receiver.

SMTP server address: To configure SMTP server address of sender.

SMTP user name: To configure user namer of SMTP service (Usually it is same with sender’s email address).

SMTP password: To configure password of SMTP service (Usually it is the same with the password of sender’s email).

Email subject: To configure subject of email.

Email content: To configure content of email.

Email Test: To test whether email notification is available.

Email action
FTP Notification

FTP Server: To configure URL of FTP server.

FTP User Name: To configure user name of FTP server.

FTP Password: To configure password of FTP server.

FTP Test: To test whether FTP notification is available.

FTP action
SIP Notification

SIP Call Number: To configure sip call number.

SIP Call Name: To configure display name of R2X.

SIP call action