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How to configure HTTP unlock in R2x

R2X can unlock via HTTP command. It enables R2X to be integrated easily with third party products, such as home automation, security and monitoring systems, etc.

1. Setup from R2X’s website:
Go to Intercom - Relay to enable the feature first.

HTTP unlock
Switch: Option for enabling the feature. Disable by default.
UserName&Password: Users can setup the username and password for HTTP unlock command.

2. The format for the HTTP unlock command is: http://IP_address/fcgi/do?action=OpenDoor&UserName=&Password=&DoorNum=1.

For example:
Users want to unlock the door which is connected to R27’s relay B interfaces after configuring its website like above picture.
The HTTP unlock command now is: Now users can open a web browser and enter the HTTP unlock command to unlock.

HTTP unlock