How to configure face recognition in R29

Users can unlock via scanning face from R29.
Go to Call interface, and close predefined face to R29’s camera. Users will hear “the door is opened” and the screen will display “Open Lock Success.”

On web portal

Go to Intercom-Face to configure face recognition related paraments.

Face Recognition: Disable or enable this feature.

Face Threshold:Smaller the value, lower the face accuracy.

Night Model: To make facognition work in the dark.

IR Detect Restart Time:Set restart time for IR detect.

Search: Enter key word to quick search.

Face Management: Check and configure the exited face data from list.

Face Data: Support to import or export the face data. The export file format is .tgz, and the import file format is .zip.

On device

Go to Face interface to record the Face ID.

Go to Registered interface. Close to the camera to put user's face to the middle of the round box on the screen.

If the face is recognized, the face ID will be automatically admitted.

Click Confirm after the recognition is completed, and then enter the name and click Register to save the face ID.

Users can go to Face database interface, and choose the existed face ID to delete.