How to configure DTMF keys in R2X

Users can unlock via entering a DTMF code during the call.

How to configure direct IP call:

Go to Intercom - Relay to configure DTMF code.

DTMF Option: To select digit of DTMF code, R2X support maximum to 4 digits’ DTMF code.

DTMF&Multiple DTMF: To configure DTMF code for remote unlocking.


E21/ R20/ R23/ R26 has two relays, so it can have two DTMF codes for unlocking. R27 /R29 has three relays, so it can have three DTMF codes for unlocking.


The caller must be on the door phone's push button list (for R20, R23, R26) or phonebook (for R27, R29), and then it can be unlocked during the call.

How to configure type of DTMF:

Go to Account - Advanced - DTMF to configure DTMF type.

Type: Support inband, info, RFC2833 or their combination.

How To Notify DTMF: Only available when DTMF type is info.

DTMF Payload: To configure payload for DTMF.


Link of configure relay on indoor monitors, the corresponding DTMF code must be the same as door station

Please refer to How to configure DTMF types for more details.