How to setup RPS in Multimedia video phone


1. Redirect Provisioning Server

A Redirect Provisioning Server (RPS) is a intermediate device that offers redirection service between Akuvox’s phone and Auto provisioning server.
User’s phone can obtain auto provisioning URL from Akuvox RPS, and then download the common.cfg or MAC.cfg file from Auto provisioning server to apply.

2. Advantage

* Akuvox’s phone can upgrade without manual configurations.
* Plug and play for customer.
* High efficiency for mass deploy.

3. Pre-requisite

* Account for RPS
* Auto provisioning server with configuration files (Common.cfg and/or MAC.cfg)

4. RPS principle

Configuration on Akuvox’s RPS

1. Create a new server

1.1 Log in the Akuvox’s RPS with provided account, and then click Servers on the left side of the menu.

1.2 Click Add to add new Auto Provisioning Server.

1.3 Fill in the Server name and Auto provisioning server URL, and then click Confirm to add new server on RPS.

2. Add new devices (binding to server)

2.1 Click Devices on the left side of the menu.

2.2 Click Add to add new device.

2.3 Select the provided company, and then fill in the device’s MAC address e.g. 0c1105020f0a.
Choose corresponding Auto provisioning server, fill in UserName and UserPwd (if available), and then click Confirm.

3. Add multiple devices
To add multiple devices at once, users can upload pre-configured excel file with devices information and sever information.

3.1 Click Upload under Devices to upload the excel file.

3.2 Choose the excel file, and then click Confirm.

Configuration on Akuvox Multimedia Video Phone

To activate RPS service, please import the provision template cfg file with below settings and then reboot the phone, the phone will be updated via the rps feature.

Config.Autoprovision.REDIRECT.Url = \\
Config.Autoprovision.REDIRECT.Enable = 1
Currently all the Akuvox Phones have default factory setting with above configuration.

The phone will automatically connect to RPS server to obtain provision file on first booting.

If the phone successfully obtains the provision file, and then the RPS feature will be disabled (Config.Autoprovision.REDIRECT.Enable = 0). Otherwise the configuration remains the same.