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How to setup WIFI

Wifi is another network connecting which can reduce the wiring payment,also be suitbale for some wiring difficult wiring scenario. You can select one of the following methods to enter the Wi-Fi configuration:

1.Mode 1: In the main screen, tap icon → Settings → Wireless & Networks→ Wi-Fi.
Configuration page is shown as below

2.Mode 2: In the main screen, drag down the middle of the idle screen to display notifications→ tap icon → tap Wi-Fi.
Configuration page is shown as below:
1.When the Wi-Fi switch is turned on, the video phone can list and display all Wi-Fi AP searched in the environment.

2.When R48G connects to available AP in the environment, if a Wi-Fi AP is without password protection, there is no lock icon on Wi-Fi signal, and it will automatically connect when clicked.

3.If a Wi-Fi AP is encryption, Wi-Fi signal will be added the lock icon, and it will pop up a dialog box to enter a password when clicked. If the password is incorrect, the connection will be failed.

4.Click to show advanced options when trying to connect to Wi-Fi, drag down to the modify Proxy server and IP mode.
Proxy Settings(Manual): IP settings(Static IP): 5.Tap the connected Wi-Fi AP, it will pop-up a dialog box, you can forget the network or modify the network. Touch and hold on the non-connected Wi-Fi AP, it will pop up a dialog box, and you can click and connect to network.

6.Click Menu, you can do the operations, such as, adding network setting, refreshing the Wi-Fi AP list and Advanced setting.

Advanced Menu is shown as below:

a.Check Network notification. It will notify you when an open network is available;

b.Check Scanning always available. Let Google’s location service and other apps scan for networks, even when Wi-Fi is off.

c.View the Wi-Fi Mac address and IP address;