How to setup call recording


Call recording is used to record a call. The feature need the support of SIP server and the recorded file will be stored in the SIP server.
Users can use Akuvox Phones,including R47P, R47G, R48G, to set Ext key as Record button which can be pressed during a call for recording.
Take Elastix server as an example.

Configuration on Video Phone

Enter the IP address of the phone to the website. Type username and password(admin/admin by default)to login.
1.Go to the Phone → Key/Display.
Set a Ext key as Record, and then click Submit.

2. Go to Account → Basic to register an Elastix SIP account.

Configuration on SIP server

1.Go to PBX → Basic → General Settings.
Setup Dial command options and Outbound Dial command options as Ww. Click Submit, and then click Apply Configuration Changes Here.

2.Go to PBX → Basic → Feature Codes.
Ensure the code(*1) of In-Call Asterisk Toggle Call Recording and enable it.

Click Submit,and then click Apply Configuration Changes Here.

3.Go to PBX → Basic → Extensions. Choose the corresponding registered number.

Set Record Incoming and Record Outgoing as On Demand.

Click Submit, and then click Apply Configuration Changes Here.

4.Go to PBX → Monitoring to check the recorded file.

Users can listen or download the recorded file from the SIP server.

Please do not forget to click Apply Configuration Changes Here to save.