How to setup hotline

1. Instruction

HotLine allows users to call out a predefined number automatically without dialing any number after pick up the handset or press handfree button in a specified period of time. This function is much convenient for the older or children or some disabled people.

Users can choose the suitable way according to the corresponding devices you have. Akuvox IP phone website configuration is same as the video phone.

2. Configuration

2.1 Setup from Video Phone

1.Go to the path:Phone Setting- Call Settings;

2.Enable Hotline function;

3.Setup the number or IP address you often dial;

4.Configure the delay time;

5.Click Save key to save.

2.2 Setup from website

1.Login in the website;

2.Go to the path: Phone- Call Feature- Intercom;

3.Enable Hotline function;

4.Input the number or IP address you often dial;

5.Setup the Delay time;

6.Click Submit to save