How to setup DND


DND stands for Do not Disturb, which is used to block any incoming call. When off code or on code are empty the device just blocks any incoming call locally, and there will be a miss call prompt displayed on the screen.

Authorized Number: It is used to receive one or multiple reliable numbers in case of an emergency when you enable DND function.

On code & off code: Once you configure the correct off code, on code, the device will send the corresponding code to the server, server will therefore react according to the received code. When DND is on, the server will block any incoming call without a miss call prompt on the device.

In this feature guide, we used Elastic SIP Server as an example.

Register an Elastic account

Please refer to the chapter registering account

Setup DND in Website

1.Go to the path : Menu - Feature - DND Code.

2.Enable DND Emergency function , then you need to setup one or multiple Authorized numbers. Users can use comma to seperate multiple accounts(Optional);

3.Select the avalid account;

4.Enable the DND function;

5.Enter the ON Code and Off Code(*78,*79 is the DND code of Elaxtic ).

Setup DND in Video Phone

1.Go to the path: Phone Setting-Call Setting. Down slide to find DND setting;

2.Enable DND;

3.Enter DND On Code and Off Code(Optional);

4.Click Save key in the top right corner to save.

Users cannot setup Authorized number in the phone interface.