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How to setup dial plan


A Dial Plan is a specially crafted text string, or script, that specifies how to interpret digit sequences as dialed by the VoIP user and how to convert those digit sequences into an outbound dial string to be used by your VoIP service provider (VSP) for call routing and termination.
Regular expression can be used to define IP phone dial plan. Dial plan is a string of characters that governs the way for IP phones to process the inputs received from the IP phone’s keypads. IP phones support the following dial plan features: Replace Rule,Dial now,Area Code.

Replace Rule

Replace rule is an alternative string that replaces the numbers entered by the user.

Rules Modify: Allow users to modify selected rules information. Once you dial prefix value, it will call out Replace number.

1.Click Add to add new replace rules.

2.Select account for the replace rule

3.Input a suitable prefix value .Enter the replace number.

4.Click Submit to save.

5.All replace rules will show in the list. Users can edit or delete the exited replace rules.

Dial Now

Rules: Allow users to select Replace rule or Dial-now to display or edit.

Dial Now Delay: Allow users configure dial now delay time for dial now.It means users can configure the IP phone to dial out the phone number automatically after the designated delay time if it match any dial now rule.

Rules Modify: Allow users to modify selected rules information, for dial-now rule, users can modify related accounts, Dial now Rule itself.

1.Click Add to add new dial now number.

2.Select the related account for dial now.

3.Enter the number in Dial Now Rule area.

4.Click submit to save.

All dial now numbers will show in the list. Users can edit or delete the exited dial now number.

Are code

Area Code: Area codes are also known as NPAs(Numbering Plan Areas). They usually indicate different geographical areas within one country. If entered numbers match the predefined area code rule, the IP phone will automatically prefix outgoing number with area code.