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How to set up BLF


Busy Lamp Field (BLF) is used to monitor a specific user for status changes on the pre-configured phone.

BLF is most suitable for company reception. With extension modules, staff will be able to understand each status of monitored phone, so that he/she can determine whether transfer or forward call to that person, or even pickup the call if no one answer.

It is also attractive for personal use, you will know the status of other side before you dial out. Therefore it is unnecessary to repeat calling till someone pickup the phone.


1.Enter the dial interface, and click Ext key icon.

2.Choose the Type as BLF, and enter the number which you need to monitor in Value part.

After finishing to configure the BLF Key, you can drag Ext Key from the WIDGETS to the main interface. Please refer to the below steps.

3.Drag the Ext key from Wieget to home page.

LED Status

LED indication   Description   
off The monitored user does not exist.    
Solid green The monitored user is idle.      
Slow flashing green The monitored user is dialing or talking     
Fast flashing green The monitored user receives an incoming call.