How to setup action URL

Action URL incident

Action URL can be triggered by some predefined incidents. The predefined incidents as below list:

Incidents Explanation
Setup Completed Start completed
Registered The account registered
Unregistered The account unregistered
Register Failed The account registration failed
Off Hook Pick up the handle
On Hook Hang up the handle
Incoming Call Dail New phone call
Outgoing Call Dail outgoing call
Established Set up the conversation
Terminated Hang up the conversation
Open DND Open DND function
Close DND Close DND function
Open Always FWD Open Always Forward
Close Always FWD Close Always Forward
Open Busy FWD Open Busy Forward
Close Busy FWD Close Busy Forward
Open No Answer FWD Open No Answer Forward
Close No Answer FWD Close No Answer Forward
Transfer Call Transfer Call
Blind Transfer Proceed the blind transfer
Attended Transfer Transfer the consultation/half a consulting
Hold Call hold
UnHold Remove the hold conversation
Mute Mute in the conversation
UnMute Un-mute
Missed Call Missed Call
IP Changed IP Changed
FWD Incoming Call Forward Incoming Call
Reject Incoming Call Reject Incoming Call
Answer New Call Answer New-In Call
Transfer Finished Transfer Finished
Transfer Failed Transfer Failed
Idle To Busy Idle To Busy
Busy To Idle Busy To Idle

Action URL can be triggered by some predefined incidents which is the predefined RMS,as the following list:

RMS Description
$mac MAC address of phone
$ip IP address of phone
$model Phone model
$firmware Phone firmware version
$active_url The current account of user name @ server address
$active_user The current account of user name
$active_host The current account of server address
$local Local sip name
$remote Remote sip name
$display_local Local display name
$display_remote Remote display name
$call_id Active the conversation of call id


Login to the phone website and go to the path Phone - Action URL, pick Active to be “Enabled”, pick to demand triggered incident, each HTTP request to have to including the key and value, use “=” to separate, each value staring with “$”. The action URL format as following:

For example, “Registered” incident, input http://server IP address/help.xml?mac=$mac.

When the phone successfully registered SIP account, the phone will send a HTTP packet to the server, through the HTTP package to know the MAC of the phone.

Please make sure to open the HTTP server when you capture the packets, the server needs to be in the same LAN as the device.

Supplementary instruction

Action URL can go through the configuration file or web configuration. Configuration file such as <r00000000000xx>.cfg. Web under Phone - Action URL can be configuration table xx of incident.

Effective URL format:http(s)://server IP address/help.xml?..