How to setup action URI


In the browser, input the IP of phone, and input the username and password (admin/admin), go to the path Phone - Call Feature - Remote Control, input the allow access IP, click Submit.

Note: Allowed Access IP List in the input box, can input wildcard X, For example: If the IP is, you can input 192.168.11.XXX into the box. The number of X should be same as the number of corresponding IP. If you need to input two account of IP, please separated by comma, such as“,”.


Allows access to IP in the computer browser address in the input box according to the format to input. Valid format is:

Press a key:http(s)://phone IP address/fcgi/do?keydown=value
Perform a specific function:http(s)://phone IP address/fcgi/do?action=value
Recover a key:http(s)://phone IP address/fcgi/do?keyup=Hook 

value for the corresponding valid values, press Enter, that can operate the phone to perform the corresponding functions.


1.Press a key

Predefined values as follows:

Effective Value Functional Description
OK Press “OK” key
Cancel Press “Cancel” key
Speaker Open the hands-free
Forward Press “Forward” key
VolumeUp Press to increase the volume buttons
VolumeDown Press to decrease the volume buttons
0-9 /*/Pound 12 Number Keys
Hook Press “Hook” key
Home Press “Home” key
Mute Press”Mute” key

2.Perform a specific function

Predefined values as follows:

Effective Value Functional Description
Reboot Make the phone restart
AutoPNow Make the phone check AutoP update
DNDOff Close DND
MakeCall Start a new session
CallEnd Hang up the session
Reset Load manufacture defaults
Hold Hold the conversation
UnHold Unlock “Hold”
Conference Press the “Conference” soft key in the conversation
Transfer Press the “TRAN” soft key in the conversation
Back Return to the higher level page

MakeCall is relatively special. Need additional using account and the dialed number.
Format is as follow:

http(s)://phone IP address/fcgi/do?action=MakeCall&number=xxx&line=yyy

Among “xxx” for the dialed number, “yyy” for the account of username;

http(s)://phone IP address/fcgi/do?action=MakeCall&number=xxx&lineID=X

Among “xxx” for the dialed number, X for ID account number, start from “0”, 0 shows AUTO.

Please be attention to the form of effective value.

3.Recover a key

For now only URI format, such as:

http(s):// phone IP address/fcgi/do?keyup=Hook