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-====== How to setup action URL ====== 
-===== Action URL Incident ===== 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​Action URL can be triggered by some predefined incidents. The predefined incidents as below list:</​fs></​ff>​ 
-^Incidents ^Explanation^  ​ 
-|Setup Completed |Start completed| 
-|Registered |The account registered| ​ 
-|Unregistered |The account unregistered| 
-|Register Failed |The account registration failed| 
-|Off Hook |Pick up the handle| 
-|On Hook |Hang up the handle| 
-|Incoming Call |Dail New phone call| 
-|Outgoing Call |Dail outgoing call| 
-|Established |Set up the conversation| 
-|Terminated |Hang up the conversation| 
-|Open DND |Open DND function| 
-|Close DND |Close DND function| 
-|Open Always FWD |Open Always Forward| 
-|Close Always FWD |Close Always Forward| 
-|Open Busy FWD |Open Busy Forward| 
-|Close Busy FWD |Close Busy Forward| 
-|Open No Answer FWD |Open No Answer Forward| 
-|Close No Answer FWD |Close No Answer Forward| 
-|Transfer Call |Transfer Call| 
-|Blind Transfer |Proceed the blind transfer| 
-|Attended Transfer |Transfer the consultation/​half a consulting| 
-|Hold |Call hold| 
-|UnHold |Remove the hold conversation| 
-|Mute |Mute in the conversation| 
-|UnMute |Un-mute| 
-|Missed Call |Missed Call| 
-|IP Changed |IP Changed| 
-|Forward Incoming Call |Forward Incoming Call| 
-|Reject Incoming Call |Reject Incoming Call| 
-|Answer New Call |Answer New-In Call| 
-|Transfer Finished |Transfer Finished| 
-|Transfer Failed |Transfer Failed| 
-|Idle To Busy |Idle To Busy| 
-|Busy To Idle |Busy To Idle| 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​Action URL can be triggered by some predefined incidents which is the predefined RMS,as the following list:</​fs></​ff>​ 
-^RMS ^Description^ 
-|$mac |MAC address of phone| 
-|$ip |IP address of phone| 
-|$model |Phone model| 
-|$firmware |Phone firmware version| 
-|$active_url |The current account of user name @ server address| 
-|$active_user |The current account of user name| 
-|$active_host |The current account of server address| 
-|$local |Local sip name| 
-|$remote |Remote sip name| 
-|$display_local |Local display name| 
-|$display_remote |Remote display name| 
-|$call_id |Active the conversation of call id| 
-===== Configuration ===== 
-Login to the phone website and go to the path **Phone - Action URL**, pick **Active** to be “Enabled”,​ pick to demand triggered incident, each HTTP request to have to including the key and value, use “=” to separate, each value staring with “$”. ​ 
-The action URL format as following: 
-For example, “Registered” incident, input **http://​server IP address/​help.xml?​mac=$mac**. 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​When the phone successfully registered SIP account, the phone will send a HTTP packet to the server, through the HTTP package to know the MAC of the phone. \\ \\ </​fs></​ff>​ 
-{{ :​7.ip_phone:​features_and_configurations:​url1.png?​nolink |}} \\ \\  
-{{ :​7.ip_phone:​features_and_configurations:​url2.png?​nolink |}} \\  
-<note important>​ Please make sure to open the HTTP server when you capture the packets, the server needs to be in the same LAN as the device.</​note>​ 
-===== Supplementary Instruction ===== 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​Action URL can go through the configuration file or web configuration. Configuration file such as <​r00000000000xx>​.cfg. Web under **Phone - Action URL** can be configuration table xx of incident. \\ </​fs></​ff>​ 
-Effective URL format:http(s)://​server IP address/​help.xml?​..