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-====== How to setup action URI ====== 
-===== Configuration ===== 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​In the browser, input the IP of phone, and input the username and password (admin/​admin),​ go to the path **Phone - Call Feature - Remote Control**, input the allow access IP, click **Submit**. \\ </​fs></​ff>​ 
-<note tip>​Note:​ Allowed Access IP List in the input box, can input wildcard X, For example: If the IP is,​ you can input 192.168.11.XXX into the box. The number of X should be same as the number of corresponding IP. If you need to input two account of IP, please separated by comma, such as“,​”.</​note>​ 
-{{ :​6.multimedia_video_phone:​features_and_configurations:​4x_uri.png?​nolink| }} \\  
-===== Usage ===== 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​Allows access to IP in the computer browser address in the input box according to the format to input. Valid format is: \\ </​fs></​ff>​ 
-Press a key:​http(s)://​phone IP address/​fcgi/​do?​keydown=value 
-Perform a specific function:​http(s)://​phone IP address/​fcgi/​do?​action=value 
-Recover a key:​http(s)://​phone IP address/​fcgi/​do?​keyup=Hook ​ 
-</​file>​ \\  
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​value for the corresponding valid values, press Enter, that can operate the phone to perform the corresponding functions. \\ </​fs></​ff>​ 
-===== Parameter ===== 
-==== 1.Press a key ==== 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​Predefined values as follows:</​fs></​ff>​ 
-^Effective Value ^Functional Description^ 
-|OK |Press “OK” key| 
-|Cancel |Press “Cancel” key| 
-|Speaker |Open the hands-free| 
-|Forward |Press “Forward” key| 
-|VolumeUp |Press to increase the volume buttons| 
-|VolumeDown |Press to decrease the volume buttons| 
-|0-9 /​*/​Pound |12 Number Keys| 
-|Hook |Press “Hook” key| 
-|Home |Press “Home” key| 
-|Mute |Press”Mute” key| 
-==== 2.Perform a specific function ==== 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​Predefined values as follows: \\ </​fs></​ff>​ 
-^Effective Value ^Functional Description^ 
-|Reboot |Make the phone restart| 
-|AutoPNow |Make the phone check AutoP update| 
-|DNDOn |Open DND| 
-|DNDOff |Close DND| 
-|MakeCall |Start a new session| 
-|CallEnd |Hang up the session| 
-|Reset |Load manufacture defaults| 
-|Hold |Hold the conversation| 
-|UnHold |Unlock “Hold”| 
-|Conference |Press the “Conference” soft key in the conversation| 
-|Transfer |Press the “TRAN” soft key in the conversation| 
-|Back |Return to the higher level page| 
- ​\\ ​ 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​**MakeCall** is relatively special. Need additional using account and the dialed number. \\  
-Format is as follow:</​fs></​ff>​ 
-http(s)://​phone IP address/​fcgi/​do?​action=MakeCall&​number=xxx&​line=yyy 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​Among “xxx” for the dialed number, “yyy” for the account of username; </​fs></​ff>​ 
-http(s)://​phone IP address/​fcgi/​do?​action=MakeCall&​number=xxx&​lineID=X 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​Among “xxx” for the dialed number, X for ID account number, start from “0”, 0 shows AUTO. </​fs></​ff>​ 
-<note tip>​Please be attention to the form of effective value.</​note>​ 
-==== 3.Recover a key ==== 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​For now only URI format, such as:   </​fs></​ff>​ 
-http(s):// phone IP address/​fcgi/​do?​keyup=Hook ​