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-====== How to reboot device ====== 
-<fs medium><​ff sans-serif>​1.On the device, go to **More** - **Settings** - **Reboot**.</​ff></​fs>​ 
-{{ :​2.indoor_monitor:​feature_guides:​reboot2.png?​nolink&​400 |}} 
-<fs medium><​ff sans-serif>​Click the Reboot icon to reboot the device.</​ff></​fs>​ 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​2.On the web portal **Upgrade** - **Basic** - **Reboot**, users can also reboot the device.</​fs></​ff>​ 
-{{ :​2.indoor_monitor:​feature_guides:​reboot.png?​nolink&​400 |}}