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-====== How to configure multicast ====== 
-<​note>​Multicast function could only be applied among indoor monitors. After configuration on the web portal, users could tap All Call on the home page of the device to make a call.</​note>​ 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​On the web portal, go to **Phone** - **Multicast**.</​fs></​ff>​ 
-{{:​2.indoor_monitor:​feature_guides:​multicast_group.png?​nolink&​600|}} ​ 
-{{:​2.indoor_monitor:​feature_guides:​multicast_address.png?​nolink&​600|}}  ​ 
-{{:​2.indoor_monitor:​feature_guides:​multicast_list.png?​nolink&​600|}} ​ 
-<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​\\ **Multicast Setting:** To set the IT83X in one of the groups or disable this function.\\ 
-**Multicast List:** To fill in the parameters of multicast group. IT83X will establish multicast calls to other indoor monitors which are set in multicast group.\\ 
-**Listen List:** To fill in the parameters of listen group. IT83X will receive multicast calls if some indoor monitors call the listen group.\\ 
-**Label:** To show the label name on the calling interface if users establish all call.</​fs></​ff>​