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-====== How to configure chime bell with R2X ====== 
-<fs medium><​ff sans-serif>​For E10X/​R23X/​R26X,​ they can support chime bell feature.</​ff></​fs>​\\ ​ 
-\\ <fs medium><​ff sans-serif>​The chime bell is used to amplify the ringtone volume and help users not miss the call.</​ff></​fs>​ 
-===== Website Configuration ===== 
-<fs medium><​ff sans-serif>​Go to **Web-Intercom-Basic-Chime Bell** to configure it.</​ff></​fs>​\\ ​ 
-<fs medium><​ff sans-serif>​Choose Relay A or Relay B then when the relay is triggered, the bell will ring with the call established for better sound amplification.</​ff></​fs>​ 
-{{ :​1.outdoor_station:​integration_with_third_party_devices:​chime_bell_on_doorphone.png?​nolink&​ |}} 
-===== Diagram Plan ===== 
-{{ :​1.outdoor_station:​integration_with_third_party_devices:​bell.png?​nolink&​ |}}